Jose Munoz

Joe is a great man, has invested a lot of time and resources into developing a great pre workout and amino acids. Since the first time I got my hands on guardian black and white I’ve never looked back. Extreme energy with no signs of fatigue or tiredness. The amino acids are also great. They remind me a lot of 7-up but without the carbonation and all that sugar. Overall great products all around. Keep up the great work joe!


Candice defebaugh

I love this product. I have tried so many pre-workouts and supps with so many awkward side effects. I have finally found one that does what it says it does and feels good. As for Keegan & Joe, I have never met two more passionate and caring ppl who literally take the time to invest in you and your goals too.


David Thomas

My girl and I are gym owners and as gym owners we want to offer our clients the best products at the best rates. The white pre-workout is hands down the best product at our gym. A home run if your looking for a crazy boost with increase fat loss capability's. Intense workouts that go the distance. #liftheavymyfriends


Justin Slaughter

Love the Guardian Mass Black, that is a legit fully preworkout. Great energy, focus, and pumps. Kept me going at the gym for 3 hours. Love it... can't wait to try the Guardian White!


Tara Clark

I had the pleasure of sampling Guardian Black at my local gym! The owners are very customer oriented and answered all my questions about the product. As for the taste and performance, I got a great workout in thanks to Guardian Black. I've tried tons of pre-workouts on the market right now, and this one has been among the best, especially for the price. I love that their blend is fully disclosed and non-proprietary like most companies these days. Can't wait to see their new products to come--I got to sample the protein and it was great (and an Isolate)! I am looking forward to trying their full range of products in the near future.